Our Mission

Small businesses form the backbone of many economies around the world. They are often the engines of growth and job creation, driving innovation and competition, and contributing to local communities. However, small businesses face many challenges, and one of the biggest is the ability to accept card payments. In many parts of the world, card payments are the preferred method of payment for consumers. This is especially true in developed countries where cash is becoming less popular. For small businesses, not accepting card payments can be a major disadvantage, as it can limit their ability to attract and retain customers. This is particularly true for businesses that operate in the retail or service industries, where cash transactions are less common. The traditional way of accepting card payments is through a point-of-sale (POS) system, which can be expensive and complicated to set up. Many small businesses cannot afford the cost of a POS system, which includes hardware, software, and ongoing maintenance fees. This can create a barrier to entry for many small businesses, preventing them from accepting card payments and competing with larger businesses that can afford the investment. However, the democratization of card payment acceptance through mobile and online payment solutions is changing the game for small businesses. Mobile payment solutions like Tap2Phone allow small businesses to accept card payments through a smartphone or tablet, without the need for a traditional POS system. This means that small businesses can accept card payments at a much lower cost, with no upfront investment in hardware or software. The benefits of democratizing card payment acceptance for small businesses are numerous. For one, it can help to level the playing field between small and large businesses, allowing small businesses to compete more effectively. It can also improve cash flow for small businesses, as they can receive payments more quickly and easily. Additionally, accepting card payments can help small businesses to build trust and credibility with their customers, as it is a sign of professionalism and modernity. Furthermore, the democratization of card payment acceptance can have wider economic benefits. It can help to drive financial inclusion by providing more people with access to electronic payment options. It can also help to reduce the reliance on cash, which is expensive to handle and can be subject to fraud and theft. In conclusion, democratizing card payment acceptance is crucial for small businesses around the world. By providing affordable and accessible payment solutions, small businesses can improve their competitiveness, build trust with their customers, and contribute to the growth and development of their local economies. The rise of mobile and online payment solutions is making this possible, and we can expect to see continued progress in this area in the years to come.